Write for Us

MARC HAYDEN is looking for dedicated and motivated writers to join the team. As a magazine about photography, the writer’s job will be to write informative and knowledgeable information on topics of photography in the UK.

Articles will need to be centred specifically on photography, services, and photographers in the UK.

As the public knows and understands the importance of making use of photographers who will suit their needs and interests for specific events, we strive in providing our readers with relevant information to get the best photographers for each moment in life.

Article Topics

We are dedicated to releasing articles on photography as a professional career as well as photography services and photographers. As many people are looking at making photography a career, we provide informative articles to our readers on how to become commercial photographers and what to expect when wanting to get into the business.

Commercial photography is one of the most widely used photography professions in the UK with all brands and companies making use of their services to get their brand onto the market with relevant and eye-catching photos.

As a writer for this magazine, you will also need to be able to write about how to go about finding the perfect wedding photographer and other topics on wedding photography. Other events will also need to be covered by advising on how to choose the right photographer for various events and moments.


All applicants will need to have extensive knowledge of the photography industry and must be able to provide advice on how consumers can find the best photographer for their needs and how to take photographs.

Knowledge and skills in the English language are must-have skills. You will need to have skills in grammar, punctuation, and spelling with knowledge on how to write and come up with interesting topics to engage with the readers.

All applicants will need to contact MARC HAYDEN on our contact page to find out more about how to apply for a position as a writer. We may require you to send examples of your work and capabilities with possible tests before interviews.